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Steve Lacy News, But No Jazz!

I Do Not Play Jazz, No Jazz Man...

Intro to Steve Lacy and Family

Steve enjoys Listening to relaxed melodic jazz (what we term "mood jazz") occasionally I suppose. But, edgy or what we term "anxious" jazz is not comfortable listening. Jazz music set to words can be especially enjoyable depending of course upon the artist and talent of writers. We can refer to Grover Washington's "Just The Two Of Us" as an example of what Steve Lacy would consider quality jazz with excellent prose lyrics. But that is not the point here.

My Real Name...

As you can see now jazz is not my thing per se, that is the other guy. My real name however is Steve Lacy, I was born with the name. Actually it is listed on my birth certificate as Steven Keith Lacy. My wife is Denise Lacy. We became engaged on St. Armand's Key and enjoyed our engagement dinner of fine dining at Cafe L'Europe. She and my daughter Kara are the two best things on earth other than my Christianity, ever happening to me!

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Although I no longer play a musical instrument of any kind nor write jazzy music, I am able to do other positive things.

Rick Manning, the nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, wrote a spread for his Gizmo Page about my 1st (genealogy) website that was printed in Knight-Ridder newspapers all over the country, including the Louisville Courier-Journal. Rick's story about me and my work was published in 1998 and can be found at this link: Kentuckian creates Web's largest genealogy site. Similar but separate stories also hit the New York Times, Kentucky New Era and the Tallahassee Democrat newspapers, to mention a few.

Truthfully however, probably my most surprising public honor was the Lacy family website feature during a live national telecast of the NBC Today Show with Brian Gumble on Dec. 6, 1996. A friend called me that morning and said "Steve, hey wake up buddy, your website is on national TV!".

Many other national news articles, both online, in magazines or otherwise in print, and various awards are archived on the old Lacy Homepage. Lately however, I am not focusing on such vain things and instead devote my time to family activites which are much more rewarding. This in part includes our new pool and patio. We also slipped in new doors, fence and wood flooring. More about that on our friends website at Lacy Home page.

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